Igloo At Spawn for Minecraft PE

Today we together going to find Igloo At Spawn for Minecraft PE. Do you like cold, north and winter? You are in right place ( or you will be in right place if you get this spawn and put it in your game ) You can create perfect survival and get really amazing expierence.

seed: 274644153

It is not difficult to reach igloo with from your spawn point. If you start your trip, you have to just look on the screenshot below and try to go where shows this green arrow.

If you will go about 50 blocks you will see this interesting and extraordinary building. It looks awesome! I like it.

Do you want see how it is inside the house? You can do it! Just look at this picture below the text. You can see the bed and few chests for your items. However, it is not only this stuff to you can see.

You can reach the secret room. Maybe you will find big treasures there?


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