seed Two Jungle Temples At Spawn

Two Jungle Temples At Spawn seed for Minecraft PE help us find amazing templates and do it very easy, because you do not need long trip to search them. When you spawn you will see them, right! Of course, you have to find treasures and chests in them. So, let’s start!

Seed: -368048932

As I said, your spawn point has position close to two templates. If you look at the screenshot below you can see your spawn point on the left side.

After you go inside you need keep attention, because you can miss chest. In it you will see gold, bones, and iron house armors. Prepare to dark caves, but it is possible.

Are you ending with first template?! Let’s go to another one. It is not hard to find, because it is close. Prepare to find second chest. The loot is simply, you can hope to get some horse armor, emeralds and bones.


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