Hypixel server

Hypixel server

Hello everyone! Today I will show you server Hypixel for Minecraft PE. I consider he is one of the best server I have ever seen. Also he is great reputation for Minecraft computer version. So the huge advantage of this server is a lot amazing minigames. For example you can see Simon Says, Sky wars, Survival games, Brawl and so on. So do you want find the bug free place for playing in Pocket Edition? You have to try it.

Server IP: pe.hypixel.net

Port: 19132

Minigames Hypixel PE Minecraft server

How to choose minigames?

When you appear on the server you can see the mobs and on their heads you can see the name of minigames. Do you want some? Just tap on it.

Now I I want little bit describe you what the mini games you will see.


This is my favorite. You and your enemy appear on different little islands. Your goal is kill your enemy. I recommend you as often as is possible try to knock them off. So if you will be the last hero you win.

Build wars

Well you have to build some structures on some theme and you have 5 minutes. Then everyone vote who has the best building. What the theme can be? Different. For example you have to build a sword or ender dragon.

Simon Says

In this game you have to follow the instruction which you will see on the middle of your screen. For example: break a glass block, click on the flower or something like that. If you do it right – you will won!


Here you need kill the other players as much as possible and don’t die. Basically this is kind of PVP mode.

Survival games

Here you need try to find a chest with loots. Be the last man standing to win.

Here I show you the best servers Minecraft PE. You can get working server IP address to join and information about it.


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