Lifeboat server

Lifeboat server

Today I want present you Lifeboat server for Minecraft PE. Here you can see IP address, how to join, how many mini games on it and other interesting information. At first I would say this server is one of the most popular for Pocket Edition.

Support Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0]


  • There are a lot contests ( and wall of frame )
  • Awesome maps
  • There are eight interesting mini games
  • Free bugs
  • Nice support

How to join Lifeboat server?

At First you have to download the last version Minecraft PE and get a good wi-fy connection. Then open the game and tap play -> Friends – > tap the icon which you can see on screenshot below

Now you need to put this information

Server name: Lifeboat

Server address:

Port: 19132

How to register on Lifeboat server?

After you connect on server, you have to register to your player and items will save. It is easy. You need open the chat and

  • step 1: type your password
  • step 2: type /register
  • step 3: type your e-mail address

How to choose the mini game?

Okey. You have connected on server. You appear on the lobby of server. Now you have to choose your mini game. About them I will tell you below. For example you can connect to the game Ā«capture the flagĀ». In this game you and your team will battle against another team and your goal is capture flag opposing team.

Minigames in Lifeboat server

Survival game

This is the most famous one. At first you have a 7 minutes time for survival and improve your player before deathmutch on arena with other players. How you can prepare to battle? Harvests, craft useful items and weapons, food and armor, open the chests.

Capture the Flag

There are two teams and you will spawn in one of them. Each team has two rooms with two flags in them. Your goal is capture flags in opposite team.

Bounty hunter

In this game there are three teams. You will join into one of these. At the beginning you have to prepare to battle. Find a chest, craft armor, weapon and other things which help you to fight. Then you will fight with players from opposite team. If you kill anybody you can get the loot. Also you can buy something in shop in lobby.

  1. Come to lobby type in chat: /lobby
  2. If you want come back to match type in chat: /resume command

Hot rock game

There are two teams. In the center of map you will see hot rock. You need to catch it and as long as possible save because players from other team will want to kill you. If grab the hot rock somebody else you need kill this player to drop hot rock. Winner is that team which saves hot rock longer.

Bed wars

At first you need prepare to battle. You need find bricks, gold and iron to exchange them in shop and buy armor, weapon and other useful things. The goal is save own bed and destroy bed of your enemies.


You will appear on glass box and then fall down on island. On start the game you need collect resources and find a chest. Then you have to build bridges on the center of the map because there are a lot of treasures. Your mission is to stay the last player on your map.


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