Mineplex server

Today I am going to say you about Minecraft PE server Mineplex.Here I show you IP address, tell about mini games and about server. I think, this place is one of the most popular.

Support Minecraft PE 1.0

Ip address: pe.mineplex.com

port: 19132.

What the command you can use? It just show this screenshot

Mini games on Miniplex?

There are a lot interesting mini games on this server.

Master builders

In this game 12 players compete for the best building or structure on common topic. At first as you appear in this game you will see the topic for example Sword. You need to build sword. After 5 minutes game is over and you need vote on swords other players.

Sky wars (team and solo)

You have to battle on the sky and kill other enemies.

Turf wars

There are two teams and you need to kill players of opposite team. After killing you get turf lines. If your team has more turf lines you will win.

Micro Battle

In this game you will the 4 teams and the last team who alive will win.

Dragon Escape

Here you need to show your parkour abilities.

Survival game

Classic survival game.

Mob arena

You will be on arena and you need to alive because a lot mobs want kill you.


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