Herobrine Skin Pack

Herobrine Skin Pack for Minecraft PE adds few skins of herobrine. I think all people know who is it Herobrine mob. Somebody told he exists, others say he is just legend.

It is very easy to install, because you have to just open your MCPЕ, open your skin picker in the game and choose right skin you want. That is all! You can choose even herobrins girl. Awasome!

All information you can see on this screenshot. As usually, herobrins look very fearful.

How to install?

  • download .mcpack file below
  • find it on your device and tap on it ( it will be automatically installed )
  • open Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 +
  • open skin picker
  • choose right skin

DOWNLOAD: herobrine-skin-pack.mcpack [9,2 Kb] (count: 26)

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