3D Flying Ship Skin Pack

3D Flying Ship Skin Pack for Minecraft PE consisft of two skins flying ships. Are you really want to look like ship? If your answer yes, you can very easy install this .mcpack file into your game and dress this skin on your hero.

developers: Vernian LEMO – TDR build, Twitter Account

How to install this skin pack?

  • Download .mcpack file below
  • Find it on your device and tap on it ( your device will ask you how to install it, you have to choose open this file through Minecraft PE
  • Open MCPE
  • Open skin picker
  • Choose right skin

ONLY for Minecraft PE 1.2.5 beta 2 version DOWNLOAD: 3d-skin-flying-ship-by-vernian-lemo.mcpack [81,45 Kb]

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