Blocklauncher [v.1.15.1] 1.0

Is the most popular addon ( soft ) for the game. It can help you install mods, textures, addons, patches make screenshots or change settings. Sometime it named only MCPElauncher. I think this program have all people who play in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The last version: Blocklauncher 1.15.1

What is change?

  • Support Minecraft PE 1.0[0.17.0]

This App can everyone download free in play market too.


  • If you want install a new texture pack don’t forget tick in Setting in Blocklauncher
  • You can enable skin override
  • If you have a crash, again enter to BL and uncheck «save mode» in Setting

How to install Minecraft PE mods using Blocklauncher?

  • First step we start the game and click on the BL icon ( wrench )
  • Manage ModPE script
  • Import Script from — local storage
  • Than you need find script in format: script_name.js ( only .js )
  • End!

for Minecraft PE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncher_v1.15.1.apk [28,71 Mb] (count: 251)

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncher-pro.v1.15b2.apk [18,83 Mb] (count: 230)

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncher1.14.4.apk [16,11 Mb] (count: 205)

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncher-pro.v1.14.3.apk [16,9 Mb] (count: 185)

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncherprov1.14.1.apk [15,34 Mb] (count: 46)

DOWNLOAD: blocklauncher-1.13.3.apk [17,6 Mb] (count: 76)

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