Master for Minecraft-Launcher v.1.4.18

Master for Minecraft-Launcher (or MCPE Master) is very important and useful soft for Minecraft PE Android devices. It can help you install new mods, maps, addons or other modifications. Also this program add a lot new functions in your game, for example change survival on creative mode, get same block, make dark and other. You will have special menu and very easy change some options. (it seems like Too many items )

author: MCPE master

Capabilities this program:

  • Get any blocks or items
  • Time
  • Change options connect with your game
  • Change whether
  • Mode
  • There are Local server
  • install mods
  • enchant
  • Potion
  • Rapid Build

You can easy get:

  • Skins
  • Addons
  • Mods
  • Textures
  • Maps ( adventure, parkour )
  • Sids

ATTENTION! MCPE MASTER require Minecraft Pocket Edition!

I think it is must have app for you. You can make your game more compostable and flexible. New modifications very yesy obtain and they quickly update.

How you can install? just download it and tap ( click ) on the apk file and it will be autimatically run.

for MCPE 1.0 [0.17.0]

DOWNLOAD: mcpe-master-1.4.18.apk [18,88 Mb] (count: 60)

DOWNLOAD: master-for-minecraft-launcher_v1.4.15.apk [18,28 Mb] (count: 97)

DOWNLOAD: master-for-minecraft-launcher_v1.4.12_.apk [18,27 Mb] (count: 61)

DOWNLOAD: mcpe-master-1.3.49.apk [17,63 Mb] (count: 103)

DOWNLOAD: master-for-minecraft-launcher_v1.3.42.apk [19,7 Mb] (count: 69)

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