Download Toolbox apk v.3.2.17

Toolbox for Minecraft PE Is some tool which help you add new mods, get items ( like too many items ), find many items, add x ray mod, enchant items, control the game, spawn kill or edit mobs, add waypoints and more.

This mod is very useful, because it connects with other mods which you add to game by means of blocklauncher. For example you install new modification which add a guns and you can see this guns in inventory of toolbox program ( I say about survival mode )

With this tool you could kill, edit or spawn any mobs in your world.This app adds a lot of new settings: change mode, game speed, weather, time, health.

author: MCMrARM

How to use toolbox?

Start to open your inventory and you will see new compass icon on the right bottom. There you can see searching and try to find some blocks.

How to find blocks with x ray

For first you need get toolbox menu and find «modification», then you need turn on support x ray mod. After your changes you see a new button.

If you switch x ray your earth became transparent. You will see valuables blocks like gold, coal, iron, diamond and other.

What is Armor hud?

Do you want see strength your armor? Not problem! Go to settings toolbox -> modification and than try to find armor hud and turn on it.

Your interface show you strength your armor and hot too much is left. I really appreciate it and often use.

How delete blocks or instruments?

If you want delete some blocks do it very easy. Go to inventory and find button delete. After then put your finger on blocks to delete it. At the end you must put button (remove)delete.

How to get blocks?

Go to inventory and tap on any block.

Do you wanna see recipe? Just tap on the icon

How to put armor?

If you want dress any armor you need open your inventory and just tap on the part of armor ( head, body, legs or other part.

How to enchant blocks in toolbox?

At the beginning tap on the enchant button and then tap to blocks. You will see new window with enchant varieties.( protection, fire protection, feather falling and other )

for MCPE 1.0/0.17.0

DOWNLOAD: toolbox-for-minecraft3a-pe_3.2.17.apk [6,95 Mb] (count: 67)

DOWNLOAD: toolbox-for-minecraft-pe_v3.2.14.apk [6,17 Mb] (count: 245)

DOWNLOAD: toolbox-_v3.2.13_.apk [6,17 Mb] (count: 75)

DOWNLOAD: mctoolbox-3.2.12.apk [6,15 Mb] (count: 26)

DOWNLOAD: master_for_minecraft-launcher_v1.4.6.apk [18,39 Mb] (count: 14)

DOWNLOAD: toolbox-for-minecraft-pe_v3.2.11.apk [5,25 Mb] (count: 30)

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