Download Builder v.4.5.0

Builder for Minecraft PE this is the App which helps you build more than 300 new structures very easy and quickly. This program includes not only hauses, but planes and other vehicles, ship and more and so on. The feature this soft is direct importing your structures just in one click. Also you can set coordinate, height, rotate.

Update 4.5.0

  • Support Minecraft PE 1.0.0 + ( 0.17.0 + )

Instruction how to use Builder

  1. Choose the place
  2. Create or open your map
  3. At first enter in Minecraft PE
  4. Then you need open the Builder app and choose your structures
  5. Then you must tap on the button BUILD
  6. Ready!

pragrams interface

For example you can build this structures

At the end I need to say this soft is really great. You have choice between 7 different categories. So now you can build a big castle, modern house, cop car, pickup, ambulance, pirate ship, small boat very easy in few clicks ( or taps ) and have enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: builder-for-minecraft-pe_v4.5.0.apk [28,05 Mb] (count: 24)

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