Soviet-Afgan War Addon V0.1

Bring the historical conflict of the Soviet-Afghan War to life in Minecraft with our latest addon, version 0.1. Explore the battlefields of Afghanistan as you play as a Soviet soldier or Afghan Mujahideen, using accurate weapons and equipment to wage war.

Our addon features beautifully crafted environments, from the rugged mountains of Afghanistan to the bustling streets of Kabul, each bringing their own unique challenges to the battlefield. You can even play as a civilian, struggling to survive in a war-torn land.

Whether you’re a fan of military history or just looking for a new Minecraft experience, our Soviet-Afghan War Addon v0.1 is the perfect choice. So why wait? Download now and join the fight in one of the most intense and captivating conflicts in modern history!

PM (Makarov)

damage: 8-22
chance of bleeding: 50%
ammo: 8

APS (Stechkin)

damage: 9-22
chance of bleeding: 60%
ammo: 20


damage: 25-30
chance of bleeding: 90%
ammo: 30


damage: 25-32
chance of bleeding: 80%
ammo: 30


damage: 25-35
chance of bleeding: 70%
ammo: 30

SVD (Dragunov)

damage: 60-70
chance of bleeding: 0%
ammo: 10


damage: 60-70
chance of bleeding: 0%
ammo: 100


damage: 17000-25000
chance of bleeding: 0%
ammo: 1

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.19.50
  • 1.19.40
  • 1.19.30
  • 1.19.20
  • 1.19.10
  • 1.19

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