Sponge Bob Mod add-on with a Malevolent Twist

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Greetings, comrades! Gather ’round, for I bring forth an extraordinary augmentation for Minecraft Sponge Bob Mod. Behold, in this latest update, I present to you a formidable incarnation of SpongeBob, set on a vengeful pursuit of unsuspecting players. This peculiar entity shall cross your path in the overworld, under the radiant sun. However, do kindly take heed, for this version remains in its beta stage, as our diligent efforts continue to infuse it with an array of marvelous enhancements.

Mod preview

Introducing Sponge Bob Mod, embodying a mere 20 units of vitality, he lurks as a belligerent entity, relentlessly assaulting unwary players.

mod,add-on, minecraftpe,Sponge Bob Mod

Prepare yourself for a fearsome encounter with a creature that wields the power to unleash a devastating blow, capable of decimating three hearts of a player with a single strike. This formidable being can be found roaming the overworld, but only under the radiant light of the sun. Beware, for its movements within the water are marked by an astonishing lack of speed, rendering it remarkably sluggish and impeded in its aquatic mobility.

mod,add-on, minecraftpe,Sponge Bob Mod

Downloads Sponge Bob Mod:

Supported Minecraft versions

X-Ray+ (1.20+ Bright XRay)

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.62 FULL for Android

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