Stranded Shipwreck

Stranded Shipwreck, Seed, Key Locations

Stranded Shipwreck this seed thrusts us to the fringes of an immense icy ocean, encircled by a string of mushroom islands.

The seed’s crowning glory, however, lies in the shipwreck portrayed above. It might be remnants from bygone buccaneers yearning to pillage the abundant Ocean Monuments and Buried Treasures strewn across this expanse. Regardless of its origins, the perplexity and singularity of this seed render it a captivating undertaking for your exploration.

Seed: -3271674935876727390

  • Key Locations
    • Stranded Shipwreck: -950 429
    • Savanna Village:-360 -328
    • Ocean Monument: -1,992 184
    • Pillager Outpost: -728 -760
    • Mushroom Archipelago: -1580 159

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