With texture PC GUI Pack for Minecraft PE your game become more similar to computer version. You will see another sounds, graphic and even interface. I would not say to it is regular texture pack. After you install it, you will not recognize your pocket edition. It will have a lot feature and interesting things from pc version.

Developers: SirZeus (Twitter), Sprintermax (Twitter), Hawt Dawg Man (Twitter), CrizArt EX (Twitter)

What will change?

On this screenshot below you can see on skins and new button.

Another foto. Do you recognize your Minecraft Pocket Edition? I am not! A lot things change. For example, logo from PC and buttons. It looks awesome!

You will surprise not only interface. Mostly textures were taken from computer version game. For example, grass, water, blocks.

Future of new version?

  • And so on
  • Start page
  • New sounds
  • Icons
  • Inventory screen
  • Water
  • Lawa


version 4.6.4

see it on google.document

Recommend for Minecraft PE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: pc-gui-beta-v6-4-6-with-d-pad.mcpack [4,54 Mb] (count: 861)

DOWNLOAD: pc-gui-beta-v6-4-6-without-d-pad.mcpack [4,55 Mb] (count: 461)

For version MCPE 1.0.5 +

You can download or with D pad or without ( 2 options )

DOWNLOAD: pcgui-with-no-d-pad.mcpack [3,66 Mb] (count: 337)

DOWNLOAD: pcgui-with-d-pad.mcpack [3,65 Mb] (count: 242)

How to install?

  1. go in MCPE and create new world ( in setting go on Global resources and activate this texture pack )
  2. find it on your device and tap on it
  3. download Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. download one of them
  5. you will see how it authomatically install
  6. that is all! PLAY!

How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game – Settings – Global resources – find your texture/shader

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