Trivial Tweaks

Trivial Tweaks is texture pack for Minecraft PE which makes many improvements to your game graphic. For example, water will be cleaner, rain will be more transparent, grass, bow, door will changed and many others. You think that this is small elements, but this is very important changes.

What will change this texture pack?

  • glass
  • Doors
  • water
  • Rain
  • No more annoying pumpkin outline when wearing a pumpkin
  • swords will be shorter & bow charge indicators
  • borders of chat
  • Lowfire
  • shields and totems will be lower
  • Numbered HUD
  • 48 types of unnecessary particles have been deleted
  • others!

you have to open settings and choose the feature which you would like to have
screenshots with some changes which this texture pack will have
download texture pack Trivial Tweaks for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15

[last version] Minecraft PE download

How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game — Settings — Global resources — find your texture/shader


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