Christmas Decorations Texture Pack

Christmas Decorations Texture Pack for Minecraft PE helps you get the celebration atmosphere. It adds few blocks in your game, but they will very useful for you. You can decorate your house with Christmas gifts, lights, lamps and other things.

Author: HenriqueGames, Twitter Account

support: Minecraft PE 1.0[0.17.0]

How to get new Christmas blocks?

Some of the old blocks in your game have been replaced. So below you can see the all of them.

  • Single Chest = Christmas gift
  • Cocoa Beans = Colored lamps
  • Double Chest = Big Christmas gift
  • Villagers and zombies wear Christmas hats
  • Cobweb = Animated colors
  • Redstone Torch = Animated colors
  • Iron Bars = Christmas lights

now you can see the screnshot of this teuxture. All details look great!

After you install it few mobs will be dressed a special hut and show you real spirit of New Year.

This pictures show you how beautiful you can decorate your house or something else.

At the end I wish you a happy marry Christmas and a lot smile on your face. I think our web site will be more good than in this year and you can get more modification for your Pocket Edition.

download texture pack


How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game – Settings – Global resources – find your texture/shader


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