texture Mad Pixels [16×16]

Texture Mad Pixel [16×16] for Minecraft PE is very simple and clearly texture pack. It is remind me some cartoons graphic and you can download and install it right now! Time to time original texture becomes little bit boring and if you want to return the novelty of sensations MCPE you need to change something. I recommend start with change resource pack.

On this screenshot you can see the few mobs. All of them, I think look pretty cool!

If you look at the nature I would say it is very colorful and awesome!

Do you like mining in caves? This picture shows you how it will look.

This is the port but unfortunately without boats. Maybe that man is waiting for boat coming.

Here you can see inside a big palace. It looks great! I would say it also good texture for medieval maps.

On this foto you can see all blocks.

How to install?

  • change the texture
  • find it on your device and tap
  • download texture
  • go in game and create the world
  • done!

DOWNLOAD: mad-pixel.mcpack [509.2 Kb]


How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game — Settings — Global resources — find your texture/shader


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