Dandelion texture [16×16]

Dandelion texture for Minecraft PE is really original texture pack with own style. It makes everything much cuter and better. Maybe you will prefer it than default boring graphic. Creator made very easy, clearly and cute work. I like it.

Developer: Steelfeathers (original PC pack)
Ported by: TheBaumHD, Twitter Account

the last version: for MCPE 1.0

Look at this screenshot. Flowers are really nice. The leaves are good. I consider to I very like graphic all of nature blocks.

I think creator wants to make zombie very angry but as you can see it is funny and make laugh. A lot of the mobs are very amazing as for me.

On this picture below you can see how looks house inside. All graphic is built on soft color and maybe that why I like this texture pack. It is very pleasing to my eyes

On this foto you can see all blocks. It was a good work to create this texture.


  • I really love how drown this wood. You can say what wood is wood. Which ones is which.
  • Mobs are very cute and little bit seem like in cartoon.
  • You will not be a long time able to get used to it. Because you see any block and you know what that is.
  • Ores are good and have simple and easy graphic. I very like it.

How to install?

  • change the texture
  • find it on your device and tap
  • download texture
  • go in game and create the world
  • done!

For MCPE version 1.0

DOWNLOAD: dandelion4-for1.0.mcpack [1,03 Mb] (count: 1)

the same one but in .zip file

download dandelio4.zip

for version 0..16

download dandelion (mediafire)

for version 0.15

download dandelion (mediafire)

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