RPG HUD Resource Pack

RPG HUD Resource Pack for Minecraft PE changes your game interface. You can see in one place all necessary information about your hero. As you can see on screenshot below, there is new bar in the upper left corner. There you can see your avatar, armor, health, hunger and breathing level. I think it is very useful and comfortable. With new interface you will be much better both kill the mob and PVP battle.

Developer: DualRed, Twitter Account

Lets describe what the lines on the bar means. You can see 3 lines and how your Steve looks.

  • Blue line shows hunger
  • Red line shows life
  • White line shows armor

To the left of them is your avatar.

If you are underwater you will see the new blue bar. It shows you breathing bubbles. Just look at screenshot below. It seems cool!

Also this bar shows you another important information. It is coordinate. Now you can easy know where you are and easy find the way.

You can watch this video and know more about this interesting texture pack.


At the end I would say to I really recommend try out this texture. Thank you for attention. Have fun in MCPE!

How to install?

  • change the texture
  • find it on your device and tap
  • download texture
  • go in game and create the world
  • done!

For Minecraft PE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: rpg-hud-1.1-by-dualred.mcpack [282,69 Kb] (count: 43)

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