X-RAY texture

X-RAY texture pack will help you to find diamond in caves. Stop waste time to finding rare blocks and digging without any sense. Now you will see worth block very quickly and then you need just get it. You can highlighted not only blocks but also mobs. If you turn on it in setting you can see hostile mobs and always avoid them. It is really good cheat, but hope you do not overuse it in multiplayer.

What blocks you can find?
  1. gold
  2. obsidian
  3. diamond
  4. iron
  5. mobs
  6. stone
  7. gravel 
  8. dirt
  9. and many other blocks

How to use this addon?

At first you have to install the texture and then click on the gear for the texture pack option
X-RAY texture
then you will able to choose 

screenshots you will be ble to find below

changelog 1.18
  • support 1.18

Download this X RAY texture pack for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17/1.18
DOWNLOAD: x-ray-1_18.mcpack [270.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: x-ray-1_17_x.mcpack [292.5 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: x-ray-v1_8_2.mcpack [278.46 Kb]

How to install texture/shader?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game - Settings - Global resources - find your texture/shader

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