Energy Shader

Energy Shader for Minecraft PE is perfect solution if you want something change in your world. It will great graphic and I think better than original. By the way, it is the first shaders, which you can use for Windows 10, iOS and of course Android too. You can make your MCPE universe more realistic and interesting if you just download and install it for your device.

Creator: Pro Coder, Twitter Account, Google+ Community

Now I show you screenshot. Unfortunately you will not see the whole picture how works this shaders on these fotos.

Now I want to talk about difference. What thing will change? A lot! For example, water became more realistic and awesome! System of waves will change.

The light will change. You can see on screenshot below. Of course, through that picture you cannot see how amazing it is. I consider to nobody can describe it with words, unfortunately.

Look at the another foto. Creator tried to make beautiful colorful blocks and I think he has success.

Now you can see on magma. It looks cool!

for Minecraft PE 1.0 ANDROID

DOWNLOAD: energy-shaders-basic-2.mcpack [349,26 Kb] (count: 3)

for MCPE PE 1.0 recommend for iOS and Windows

download this texture

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