BLPE Shaders

BLPE Shaders for Minecraft PE change graphic in your game. After install it you will open for you new world with another things and blocks, because all staff will change and look different. Do you love new crazy experiments? You have to try it! Grass, water or sky will see very realistic and original.If you want to change something in your MCPE than I very recommend and advice to you this shaders.


Look on these tress and green. It looks very colorful and creative. If you like it, why you will not try it?!

Mining is my favorite work in Minecraft. You will see something like that, if you come to caves.

Have you ever seen so beautiful and amazing sunset? Take your girlfriend and get satisfaction with in natural phenomena together. I like it.

Recommend for Minecraft PE 1.1.0,9 +

DOWNLOAD: blpe-shaders.mcpack [278,38 Kb] (count: 41)

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