SSPE Lightweight Shader

SSPE Lightweight Shader

SSPE Lightweight Shader for Minecraft PE has realistic style. IF your device has not such power as you want then it will suitable you for you and you have to download it. As for me, creator want make simple graphic for low device and he succeeded.

Now I highly recommend you to see screenshots.

Look at this nature. It is awesome! Trees, flowers, water seem very realistic cool!

Here you can see the picture of buildings and other structures at night time

Look at this moon. It seems great!

Do you want the same sunset in your Minecraft Pocket Edition? You knew how you can get it!

How to install these shaders?

  1. While creating you need change global resources and choose this shader
  2. Download it and install ( just tap on it )
  3. Go in Minecraft PE and create new world
  4. That is all!

For Minecraft PE 1.0

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