Simple Shader

Simple Shader for Minecraft PE is amazing realistic shader, which make your graphic in game absolute different and more interesting. Do you start play long time ago and the game is borring for you? I recommend you try to install this realistic shader and then analyze how your desire start fire again, as in the start playing in Minecraft. You will see different effect as trees move or grass and so on.

Below you can download this texture. You could get two versions. One is for normal device – recommend it, but if you have low device you should download second version.

Here you can observe some of the screenshots from this shader


for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5 +

DOWNLOAD: simpleshader15_5.mcpack [74,62 Kb]

light shader ( for LOW device )

DOWNLOAD: sspe_lite5.mcpack [1,21 Mb]


How to install?

  1. Tap on the file ( it will be installed automatically )
  2. Open the game – Settings – Global resources – find your texture/shader


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