TFC – TerraFirmaCraft [1.12.2] [1.7.10] [1.6.4]


TerraFirmaCraft (TFC) mod – survival mode as it should be

This is a major mod that radically changes the survival mode in maincraft, it makes the mode more realistic and interesting. You will have to learn and develop and only after that start building houses and castles.
The mod will change the generation of the world, the game will not remain the usual game biomes, they are all significantly redesigned, especially under the ground.

The mod replaces the system of life, damage, hunger, experience and adds a system of thirst, all these systems are tied together, the parameters can change over the course of the game, to decrease or increase. Damage and the number of lives of mobs makes it impossible to kill monsters with your bare hands.


You will have to monitor your health, not to be fat, consume enough protein and vitamins, keep an eye on thirst and temperature.
The mod adds a system of changing seasons, the surrounding world will change depending on the season, the game will have a real time and year on which a lot depends, such as what crops grow well.


Completely redesigned many of the items crafts, stone axe must be created from stone, special crafting, and all other things with an anvil.
Physics of many items, now you can not build a house of dirt or other loose blocks, the dirt will just fall down, from the mud you can only build a pyramid.
Water can be salty and fresh, grown vegetables and fruits can vary in ripeness and size, food can go bad and much more.

Installing TerraFirmaCraft mod

1. Download and install Forge
2. Download TerrFirmaCraft;
3. find the folder .minecraft;
4. In the folder .minecraft find the folder mods;
5. Drop TerraFirmaCraft into mods;
6. Done!

Download TerraFirmaCraft mod

1.6.2 TFC  TerraFirmaCraft download 15Mb (linkverse)
1.6.4 TFC – TerraFirmaCraft download 15Mb (linkverse)
1.7.10 TFC – TerraFirmaCraft download 15Mb (linkverse)
1.12.2 TFC – TerraFirmaCraft download 26.8 Mb (linkverse)

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