True Survival — Zombie Apocalypse Add-on

True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse

True Survival is a Minecraft add-on that adds a realistic and challenging zombie apocalypse experience to the game. This add-on includes new zombies, weapons, items and mechanics that will test your survival skills. One of the main features of True Survival is the new zombie, which are much more aggressive and dangerous than the vanilla zombies. They come in different variations, such as fast, slow, strong and armored zombies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


You will need to use different strategies and weapons to take them down. Another feature of True Survival is the new crafting system. You can craft new weapons and items such as guns, ammo, medical kits, and traps. However, you will need to find the right resources and blueprints to craft these items. True Survival also introduces a new hunger and thirst system, where your character needs to eat and drink to survive. Failing to do so will result in health loss and eventually death.


The add-on also includes a day and night cycle, where zombies are more active at night and you will need to find shelter to survive. Overall, True Survival adds a new level of realism and challenge to Minecraft’s survival mode, making it an exciting and immersive experience for players who love a good zombie apocalypse. Please note that this add-on is a third-party mod and it is not an official Minecraft release. Also, availability and compatibility of this add-on may vary depending on the version of Minecraft and the platform you are using.

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Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.19
  • 1.18
  • 1.17.30
  • 1.17

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