What is new in Minecraft PE

In this article I will explain what is new in Minecraft PE version. Mojang tried really hard and added many new stuff such as new blocks. mobs, stones, structures and many other. I think it will very important to know something about new stuff for you. Let’s go.

Basalt Deltas
It is new biome. You can find it in the Nether and there is full of volcano. You can find there new block Blackstone.Ruined Portals
This portal you can find in the Nether and Overworld.

Bastion Remnants
New structures has 4 types of bastions. You can find there a lot of treasure. but also can meet with monsters like Piglins. Mojang added new music in that area.
Can be found in Bastions and can be used for craft.Lodestone (Experimental)
A new block that can help you get your bearings!

  • If you will use a compass on Ladenstone block you will create a lodestone compass

recipeRespawn Anchor
it helps you set your respawn point in the Nether.
you have to charge respawn anchor with holding glowstone (or dispenser)New mob Strider
He is neutral and you can ride him! Just put on him the saddle and use mushroom-on-a-stick to choose moving directionNew mob Zoglin
When Hoglins come to Overworld they will mutate in Zoglins. They are hostile.How to make Netherite tools and armorSoul Speed
you can get it by bartering with Piglins.
it can help you to move through soul quickerNew music will be added!
Three new tracks will be added if you visit Nether Wastes, Crimson Forests or Soulsand Valleys.

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