What will be in Minecraft PE 1.17

What will be new in Minecraft PE 1.17? I think every game fun is interested in this question, hence in this article I am going to predict and answer on this question. So perhaps we will finely see Cave Update with many new mobs, structures, weapons, blocks, items and so on.

what is the release date Minecraft PE 1.17?
June/July 2020 year

What will be added?

New biomes. It is so boring to go around caves, why we can’t add more biomes into? Underground biomes can consist of different blocks and include new creatures.

New mobs
The mob who is hiding as a chest, but if you come close he attacks youBig skorpions
Everybody knows that skorpions can live underground. So why Mojang can’t add more different scorpions.I think we should waiting for ratsOgresMaybe some bosses will be addedMore weaponsNew texture packs to chooseNew command blocks
What stuff will be added to Minecraft PE 1.17? what do you think about it? you can write me comments and share with public

Now you can only
Download Minecraft PE 1.16

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