Download Minecraft PE 1.18.0 FULL for Android

Upgrade to a version with new features including new caves, rocks, then you need to download Minecraft 1.18.0 full version on android for free. The version of the game became more diverse and this was reflected in the exploration of the world. Play with your friends online using an xbox live account. The release of Minecraft 1.18.0 for android was a worthy continuation, and we want to share with you.

What is new in Minecraft 1.18.0?

Most of all, the update affected the appearance of ores, mountains and caves.


In the new version of Minecraft PE caves have changed a lot, the main changes are randomly generated biomes, as well as water spaces and aquifers. Old caves are combined with new types. Aquifers appear immediately with the lava.


Mountain generation has been redesigned, the height is now up to 320 blocks. New ore types, updated textures and new variations of mountain biomes.

Ore veins.

An accumulation that rarely occurs consisting of ores and other blocks.

Lush Caves

Totally new colorful locations in which there are a great number of plants. Here you can find new blocks: sporoletum, azalea.

We advise you to download Minecraft 1.18.0 on android for new emotions from the game.

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