X-Ray+ (1.20+ Bright XRay)

X-Ray,1.20+,texture pack,Nether X-Ray,MCPE

This exceptional X-Ray texture pack incorporates the cutting-edge full-bright technology, a feature that distinguishes it from any other packs available (version 1.20 and beyond). It showcases a remarkable infested block visualization, yet it transcends the mere rendering of gravel.

An X-ray tool is ingeniously crafted to empower players to peer through impenetrable blocks. This particular X-ray texture pack proves to be an invaluable asset in pinpointing coveted resources like diamonds, gold, and other elusive materials that are conventionally arduous to unearth. Furthermore, it facilitates the effortless exploration of labyrinthine caves and mines, streamlining the task of navigating the subterranean landscapes of Minecraft.

What sets this X-Ray texture pack apart from the rest?

It harnesses the latest full-bright system, a feature exclusively tailored to this pack with a gamma boost of 1.20 or higher. Moreover, it introduces a one-of-a-kind infested block visualization and a falling block visualizer to avert unwelcome accidents.

Overworld X-Ray:


This x-ray texture pack boasts an astounding level of utility in the overworld dimension. The x-ray functionality proves to be particularly valuable when scouring for forsaken mineshafts or precious ores.

Nether X-Ray:


In the nether dimension of Minecraft, an x-ray texture pack proves to be an invaluable asset, providing players with the ability to effortlessly spot coveted resources like glowstone, nether quartz, and ancient debris. Furthermore, this x-ray texture pack allows for seamless navigation through the treacherous terrain of the nether, simplifying the exploration of its subterranean world. The x-ray functionality truly shines when seeking out nether fortresses, which often hide rare blocks such as nether bricks and soul sand.

Infested visualizer:


Notably, this XRay also incorporates a visualizer for infested blocks, effectively averting any inconveniences.

Gravel visualizer:


This groundbreaking feature effectively shields you from vexing gravel blocks that may ensnare you.



If you possess an RTX supported graphics card, you have the opportunity to utilize the RTX edition of this texture pack, which offers an unparalleled level of luminosity during mining.

Outlined Ores:


Without a doubt, this x-ray feature significantly enhances the visibility of ores, revolutionizing the mining experience.


  • Download the xray using one of the links below.
  • Find the xray file on your device.
  • If the file extension is .mcpack then open it with minecraft.
  • If it’s not then change the xray.zip to xray.mcpack.
  • You should enable the «Outline Selection» setting in the video settings.


  • Download the xray using one of the links below.
  • Run the «x-ray+.mcpack«
  • Minecraft should say «X-Ray+ was successfully imported».


  • «Should you find yourself on a mobile device, it is imperative that you activate the «Outline Selection» option within the video settings.


  • Exercise caution and decrease your render distance as you venture into the nether.
  • Refrain from employing this xray texture pack whilst on a server; its usage may result in a severe reprimand.
  • Refrain from laying claim to this xray texture pack as your own.
  • Diminish the presence of Smooth Shading and Fancy Graphics, while augmenting the brightness to unlock the full luminosity potential.»


Supported Minecraft versions:


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